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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Timetable outline - sample

SCHOOL DAY (Parents Guide)

The first week of school the school timings will be as follows: 

Students: 07:45 – 11:00 

Please note that the first week refers to the few days before the first weekend takes place. Therefore, if school starts on a Tuesday, the above timings will be for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week. Normal school hours will resume the Sunday of the second week in Term 1. 


All Children are to be dropped off at their respective classrooms between 7:00 and 7:45. No parent may take their child to the classroom after 7:45. In the afternoons, all parents, guardians and nannies are to report to the Reception area where each child will be called down from the classroom to meet at the Reception area. An important note to everyone: when parking, please be sure to not block anyone in while waiting for your child/children. 

Standard Day students are to be collected by 13:15 the latest and Extended Day students are to be collected by 15:30 the latest. All students not collected by 13:15 will join the Extended Day students. You are to collect your child/children from the area in which they meet. Parents will be charged KD2 per 5 minutes late. An invoice will be sent home at the end of every month. 

All parents collecting their children after 13:15 are to sign their children out when collecting.