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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Student Support Services

Outside regular homeroom classes counsellors, learning support specialists and nurses' assistance are available to the emotional, development and physical well-being of students.


With the motto “A Commitment to Caring,” the goal of the Primary School's counsellors is to support your child emotionally and socially in all aspects of the school environment. At the Kindergarten and Primary School, counsellors see students individually, in small groups, in the classroom and in informal settings like the playground and cafeteria. Learn about Counselling in RB (link this page).

Learning Support

Learning support is provided in each of our divisions by Learning Support teachers who offer a range of services including in-class support or small group instruction. The programme is designed to serve a few students in need of academic assistance or with differentiated disabilities.

Health and Wellness

Your child's health and wellness is very important to us. RB has its own certified resident nurse who is responsible for the medical care of your children during the school day. In addition to providing school-day care to students as needed, the nurse is also available to provide answers to health-related questions and address concerns you may have regarding a child's particular medical issue. Learn ore about Health and Wellness in RB (make a link to this page).