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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

School to Home communication

RB communicates with parents in various ways.

Please see below: 

  • Journals All students will receive a journal. Depending on the class, these journals are filled in daily or weekly. These journals are SENT HOME DAILY and should be checked by parents daily. Information regarding curriculum and school happenings are placed in the journals. 
  • Email Parents may receive emails regarding events 
  • and vital information via email. 
  • Newsletter The Royal Mail newsletter is sent out weekly. 
  • This will contain all necessary information that needs to be known as well as some fun articles. 
  • WhatsApp Blanket messages may be sent out on WhatsApp reminding parents about events/information that needs to be known. 
  • Mobile The school numbers are: +965 9800 9696 or +965 2523 9696 

The school may make contact with you directly through a phone call. Kindly answer when you see these numbers. 

Parents may contact the school through the journals, email or a phone call.