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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

School clinic FAQ

Q: My child had a tummy ache, vomited, and had a few soft stools earlier today, but it seems better now, shall I send him/her to school tomorrow?

A: These symptoms are exhausting for the children and they need rest to recover, we advise you keep your child home tomorrow.

Q: What are the types of screenings you offer to your students at RB?

A: At RB we perform growth screening (weight, height, BMI) twice a year, eye exam and dental check-up yearly.

Q My child has a chronic condition. How can I be sure that he is safe while at school?

A:  In the case that your child has a chronic condition (asthma, diabetes, congenital heart disease, specific allergy, etc.) please provide a detailed medical report stating the condition/illness/disability, what triggers an episode (if applicable), treatment given, precautions we can take at school to keep him/her safe. Also, our school nurse is going to train the teaching staff in contact with your child on that condition and care.

Q. My child takes medication for a chronic condition. Can it be administered at school?

A: Yes, with the condition that you provide the medicine in its original package along with a signed and stamped doctor’s note with details on how it should be administered(dose, time). The medication will be kept in the clinic and the nurse will inform you when to send a replacement.

Q. My child is allergic to nuts. How can I be sure he is safe at school?

A: At RB we don’t allow foods containing nuts(especially peanuts and peanut butter products), strawberries, mangoes and prawn crackers. This rule applies to lunch boxes as well as birthday parties treats. Our staff checks the lunch boxes daily in the morning for highly allergenic foods and take them away from the boxes. Also, if your child has EpiPen prescribed by his doctor for emergencies, we request you to provide us with 2 EpiPen in case he needs it at school.

Q: I would like to register my child but I am very worried about the spread of diseases in nurseries and kindergartens. What are you doing to minimise that risk?

A: At RB we know that cleanliness is very important to keep the diseases away. Some of our measures include:

  • Our nurse examines all children who don’t seem well in the morning or throughout the day and based on the examination keeps them at school, if safe, or sends them home to minimise contact with the other children.
  • We have a nanny in each classroom whose only responsibility is to keep the students and the environment clean at all times 
  • Students are taught and consistently monitored to wash their hands after playing on the carpet or outdoors, before eating, after using the toilet and whenever their hands are visibly dirty.
  • We provide health education as part of our curriculum, taught by our teachers as well as our nurse.
  • Our nurse checks our students’ nails and ears weekly to make sure that the nails are trimmed at the top of the fingertip and ears are clean and free of visible wax.
  • We have a very strict procedure for environmental cleaning , including furniture, toys, PE equipment, outdoor play equipment

Q. What happens if my child gets a fever at school?

A. Before taking any decision the nurse is going to get in touch with you. Based on your conversation she decides whether the fever might be related to a contagious condition or not, administer a fever medication, if appropriate and agreed by you, and keeps your child under observation until, according to the case, you pick her up or she feels better and returns to class.

Q: What happens if my child gets injured at PE?

A: Our nurse is going to assess your child’s injury, clean, dress and immobilize the injured part as needed. You are going to be immediately informed of the incident and recommended further action, if needed.

Q: What happens if my child gets sick off campus?

A: All RB staff accompanying your child is trained in emergencies and First Aid and they have a First Aid Kit available with them at all times. You will be informed immediately and a decision will be taken according to the situation.

Q: I would like to register my child by I can’t bring him and pick him up . How safe is to put him on your bus?

A: The students on the bus are supervised by a nanny who is fully responsible to bring the students to school and take them home safely. She makes sure they are well strapped in their seats, they don’t stand or open windows while the bus in in motion and ensure their general wellbeing during the trip. The nanny and the driver are First Aid trained and they have a First Aid Kit available on the bus.