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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Academy RBA

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our school and local community with creative, intellectual and active opportunities for development and growth. We endeavour to use the school’s facilities and the community’s expertise to the fullest extent in order to bring the school’s mission and beliefs to life. We support the members of the RBA community in following their passions, developing new interests, and sharing their expertise with others. We believe that a robust extra-curricular program supports the development of balanced, life-long learners.

Our program runs three separate terms per year; each is approximately 8-10 weeks in length. We publish an online brochure with comprehensive information about each course for each term. All registration and specific course information is found in the registration section. (link this to the registration form for RBA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions surrounding our RBA After School Activities Programme.

What is the RBA programme?

RBA is an acronym for Royal Britannia Academy to provide Recreation, Enrichment and Learning. The programme offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities for both students and adults.

What sports courses are offered through the RBA programme?

The emphasis of the RBA programme is "activity" rather than competition. Active classes include individual and team sports, games and other fitness opportunities like yoga and Zumba.

Outside of RBA, the RBA athletics programme caters to a large number of students ages 3 to 12, with highly competitive teams in 11 different sports over three seasons.

For younger students, the school offers a Saturday Sports Programme with soccer (autumn), basketball (winter) and baseball (spring), to students age 3 to Year 4.

How do you ensure the quality of the programmes?

We hire qualified and passionate instructors for all of our RBA programmes and evaluate the quality of the courses and instruction at the end of each RBA term by surveying participants.

Participant feedback is welcome at any time and should be directed to RBA Activities Coordinator.

How can I suggest a new RBA course?

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to offer in the RBA programme and will consider adding new classes – or sections of a popular class – provided we have sufficient space, resources and interest.

If you have a particular interest that you are passionate about, contact the RBA activities coordinator to explore the possibilities.

What transportation options are available for students following RBA activities?

Students have a unique transportation option following RBA After School Activities:

Late Buses A late bus to select locations is available for students for 6 KD per ride to be booked ahead of schedule by 72 hours. For specific route information, please contact the Transport office.

Does the RBA programme offer a waitlist for classes that are full?

The RBA program offers a wide range of activities throughout the week – approximately 4 different courses each day – to allow as much participation as possible.

If classes are full when you try to register, we recommend adding your name to the waitlist as we are often able to accommodate requests due to changes that occur.

Does the RBA programme make a profit from course fees?

No. Like RB, the RBA programme is a stand-alone non-profit entity. Its fee structure has been designed simply to cover its operating costs.