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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Our Campus

RB is organised into three distinct divisions: The Nursery School, The Kindergarten School and the Primary.

RB Campus

The main villa is B-234, houses the Primary School starting with Reception. The primary with Reception classes from age 4 to Year 4.

English is the primary language of instruction and English as a Second Language (ESL) support is available for all students who need it. Arabic courses, at a variety of levels, are available in all groups and required of virtually every student. The school also offers a First Language Programme for students in Spanish and French.

If you were to ask parents what makes a great school, they would likely point to three qualities: experienced and compassionate teachers, friendly and motivated students, and access to the educational tools and facilities needed for an exceptional learning environment. At our RB Al-Sideeq Campus you will find all these qualities and much more.

Founded in 2016 and located in the west suburb of Al-Sideeq Hawally Governorate, RB accepts applications for students ages 3 to 6 years. Villa A-233 houses the Royal Britannia Academy and Nursery School. Like its sister villa 234, students at the RB Campus benefit from years of experience in international education and its status as a member of the Early Years Foundation Stage and NASEN educational programmes. All students graduating from RB can continue their education at reputable institutions across Kuwait which extend up to Grade 12.

The expansion programme at RB will extend to villa C-235. The new villa houses the therapeutic and consultancy hub in addition to specialist teaching and learning facilities. This hub has a swimming pool and hydrotherapy programmes especially catering for children of all ages that require intensive one to one attention to be rehabilitated them in readiness for advanced schooling opportunities in Elementary schools.


RB is accredited by the Public Authority for Special Needs and Disabilities Kuwait PADA ( It is also a member of the Early Years Foundation Stage Dept. of Education (DfE) United Kingdom and has been offering the EYFS programme for more than 5 years, as well as National Association for Special Needs UK NASEN (