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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading, culturally diverse and family-oriented inclusive school with English as the principal language of instruction. We inspire individuals to develop their intellect, creativity and character to become independent, adaptable, socially responsible and internationally minded citizens, by ensuring a dynamic, inquiry-driven education of the highest standard.


We believe that:

  • Each person is unique and has equal worth.
  • Education of the highest standard is a shared responsibility of students, family and school.
  • Expectations that are challenging lead to higher levels of performance and allow us to reach our potential.
  • All people are responsible for their actions.
  • Honesty, integrity and respect are essential for building trusting relationships.
  • Open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential for living in a diverse community.
  • Leading a healthy and active lifestyle improves the quality of life.
  • Commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance lead to success.
  • Contributing positively to society and the environment is our shared responsibility.
  • Nurturing curiosity and creativity stimulate exploration and discovery throughout life.
  • Our lives and the life of our community are enriched by diversity.