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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Local Projects


KALD is a Kuwaiti initiative for people with Learning Differences. The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD) is a non-profit organisation that collaboratively works towards helping all individuals, especially students in private schools such as RB and special education in Kuwait, who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Difficulties through setting up awareness programmes, training courses, and other educational activities. Faculty do annual professional development training programmes and students participate in annual competitions managed by KALD organisers.

Environment  and Earth Rescue Club

Environment Earth Rescue is an environment club that works in collaboration with the Amiri Diwan at Shaheed Park and within the school to ensure RB is following environmentally-friendly practices. The group also raises awareness about important global issues through seaside walks, beach cleanups, energy conservation days, fundraisers and a special booth during the school's Environment Day in the Spring. In the past, Earth Rescue volunteers have raised hundreds of Kuwaiti Dinars to benefit endangered animals at the Kuwait Zoological Society,

RB Ambassadors

RB Ambassadors are students family members and faculty who have volunteered to organise different activities and projects for new and leaving students. Their goal is to make sure new students are comfortable being at a new school and/or in a new country; that leaving students are given a proper farewell; and to that students moving up from the Kindergarten to Primary School's Year 1 have a smooth transition.

Omniya Recycling Project

Kuwaiti project who love to keep Kuwait clean by spreading environmental awareness and segregation of plastic waste from the source to recycle, preventing it from reaching landfills or sea. RB student involvement with the Omniya Recycling Project is part of an ongoing local service RB collaboration. This partnership provides RB students an opportunity enrich their lives by learning to how to recycle materials for Art and Craft projects, Drinking water from their own containers and use less plastic, collect plastic bottles waste and store for collection in the Omniya storage containers.

Students in Action

Some of the ways students' Service Learning comes to life is captured in the pages of our school's newsletter, The Mail.