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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Learning support

Learning support is provided in each of our Hubs by Learning Support therapists who offer a range of services including in-class support or small group instruction. The programme is designed to serve a small number of students in need of academic assistance or with differentiated disabilities. Individualised support programmes can be designed for students with moderate disabilities.

All students at RB are assisted to meet the academic outcomes of our curriculum. Success at RB is based on the expectation that all students behave in an emotionally, socially, and responsible way.

In the Primary School, if the Learning Support team (including parents) comes to an agreement that a child’s learning will benefit from extra support due to a discrepancy between their performance and level expectations, an additional learning plan may be developed.

Due to the structure RB has set up surrounding its current Learning Support program, the school is also able to accommodate students requiring intensive, daily individual help with severe emotional, behavioural or learning challenges.

For specifics on qualifying for the Learning Support Programme at RB, please download our guidelines

Royal Britannia Kindergarten and School’s Guidelines for Documenting Inclusive Learning and Special Needs Assessment