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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Curriculum overview

Our commitment to the mission and vision statement, the learning experiences RB students receive begins with our youngest students in First Steps and follows through to graduation. As an EYFS Inclusive School, RB has developed a framework that identifies the curriculum components and connections that drive teaching, learning and assessment.

Four Divisions, One Curriculum Framework

The curriculum framework defines our approach to learning, pedagogy, assessment and reporting across all divisions at RB, and supports continuity in learning for all students moving through our school. It's characterised by the following five key components:

Curriculum areas

Academic disciplines comprising distinct sets of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Transdisciplinary learning

Discipline-specific skills, including 21st century skills, with applications in other curriculum areas.

Conceptual understanding

The understanding that students gain as a result of exploration of relevant content in curriculum areas. Concepts allow students to see the bigger picture behind a specific discipline and to build links to learning in other disciplines.


An approach to teaching and learning that allows students to actively construct meaning through engagement in relevant experiences enabling them to acquire new levels of understanding as opposed to the simple memorisation of content.

Assessment & Reporting

A range of strategies that provides information on student understanding, allowing the teacher to plan the subsequent teaching and learning activities. Student progress is reported in a timely and appropriate manner.