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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Choosing the RB Campus

Our Al-Sideeq Campus provides an educational option for students age 18 months to Year 2 with the following benefits:

Smaller Campus

With a campus of 130 students, RB’s parent and student communities form close bonds of support. The school enjoys a strong sense of "family," with siblings greeting and meeting each other throughout the day, and faculty and staff developing close relationships with all family members. The school’s smaller size also makes transitions from home easier and knowing each student really well is also a great bonus for differentiated learning.

A Countryside style Location

RB is surrounded by wide-open spaces and a beautiful garden. Teachers take advantage of this open location, often holding class outdoors, and our younger children regularly spend a complete day outside in the surrounding garden.

If you were to ask parents what makes a great school, they would likely point to three qualities: experienced and compassionate teachers, friendly and motivated students, and access to the educational tools and facilities needed for an exceptional learning environment. At our RB Al-Sideeq campus will find all these qualities and much more.

Ease of Innovation

A smaller campus facilitates creative and innovative programmes. RB was the first campus to offer a program for under the age of three-year olds for inclusive learners. RB has achieved a high ratio of access to personal technology such as iPads and laptops, and students from First Steps use technology as an embedded learning tool in their daily classroom lives. The Reception to recycling course, the school trip to Yarmouk Recycling Park and the whole school trip to Beit Al-Othman Museum to learn about communities and to explore the locality of old Kuwait are further examples of unique opportunities that are more easily managed in this smaller environment.

As part of a strong but united school, all students also have the opportunity to represent RB in sports and creative arts team competitions against one another to embolden the feeling of team spirits and camaraderie.


Whether in musical, athletic or drama events and performances, all students at RB can find a significant role to play. A smaller campus also means that the oldest students in the school have not only an opportunity – but a responsibility – to serve as “student leaders” for their peers.

RB offers many other benefits and we invite you to visit and see for yourself the world of opportunities that await on the RB Campus.