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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Community Life

Our community – students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni – is at the heart of Royal Britannia Kindergarten and School. The richness of our school is grounded in the way we actively involve everyone at RB in our learning community. When we accept a new application to the school, we know we are not only accepting the student but are inviting the entire family to be part of the fabric of RB. That is why our mission statement ( link the statement of purpose to here)  been written deliberately, committing us to being a “family-oriented” school.

There is a world of opportunities available at RB which extends beyond the rich and diverse learning experiences in our classrooms. We offer countless opportunities for personal enrichment beyond the school day for both students and parents. This includes the after school sport and performing arts programmes at RBA ( link this page with RBA) and extended language studies, student and family field trips, and an array of other opportunities to ignite a passion for learning and growth.

Our commitment also extends beyond graduation, with annual Alumni gatherings offered on campus and in other locations.

RB embraces all of its community members as one family, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

Parent Involvement

At RB we intentionally chose to include the words “family-oriented” in our mission statement of purpose to let parents know that they are not only welcomed, but highly valued and well integrated into our school community. Each school year, a number of parents and friends of RB volunteer and contribute their energy and expertise to support student learning.

The volunteer opportunities at our school are endless. Parents and friends of RB help in classrooms and libraries, and join our field trips. At special events such as the Magic Carpet events, they speak to children and parents about culture and the country they represent,  about careers, mentor faculty through research projects and coach our youngest students during special events. Parental support, including welcoming visiting students into their classes helps our performing arts and sporting events run smoothly. You will find parents acting as ambassadors together with our Diplomat wives for new families, organising festivals and celebrations.

Each of our hubs has a Parent Teacher Group (PTG) that acts as a focal point for general parent volunteerism. Our campus also has a Kids club, an Athletic Booster Club (RBA) and Supporters of the Performing Arts for parents wishing to volunteer in these specific areas.

In addition to making a meaningful impact in the lives of RB students, our parent volunteers also form important relationships with other parents that often last long beyond their years at RB.

If you are a current parent – or one who will be joining the RB community soon – we encourage you to contact our Headteacher or Volunteer coordinator to learn more about the opportunities that await you.

Parents in Action

Some of the ways that parent involvement comes to life is captured in the pages of our school's newsletter The Mail

Community Awards

Royal Britannia Kindergarten and School recognises outstanding student work in a variety of ways beyond the traditional academic assessment process. The school has established a number of awards to recognise students with outstanding contributions in the area academics, performing arts, athletics and community service.

The majority of the awards are presented at graduation - related events at the end of their senior year at RB. However, students at all grade levels may also receive recognition and awards that highlight their talents and commitment to the school’s values.

Parents or students interested in learning more about what specific awards or recognition opportunities are available at their year group level are encouraged to speak directly to Year SENDCO or Headteacher

RB also welcomes families to share information with the school when a student is recognised by the media for endeavours that occur outside the school day.