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Royal Britannia Kindergarten

Royal Britannia Kindergarten


The performance of all the duties and responsibilities shown below will be under the reasonable direction of the Head Teach or other Senior Management if appropriate, who will be mindful of his/her duty to ensure that the employee has a reasonable workload and sufficient support to carry out the duties of the post.

In order to fulfil the Teacher Assistant role at RBK one needs to possess general knowledge of the practices, methods and techniques  used in classroom teaching; the ability to maintain confidential files and information and to compile reports; the ability to deal effectively with students and teachers; the skill in the use of classroom and instructional equipment; the ability to operate standard Office, Word and data processing equipment; and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with teachers, parents, students and the Senior Management Team (SMT).

A Special Educational Needs Teacher Assistant (SEN TA) is specifically employed to work with children and young adults  who need specifically targeted support in order to complete their learning successfully.

A SEN TA may work with the following statemented students:

Mild Autism


Down Syndrome




A key aspect of working in this field is identifying individual needs and being responsible for creating a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

With RBK’s ethos in mind, the duties and responsibilities of a SEN Teacher Assistant shall include the following:

Overall Functions

To perform responsible human support and paraprofessional work assisting the SEN Teacher with instructional activities and assisting students by reinforcing material already presented through special efforts and repetition.

Takes responsibility for fostering a sense of community within RBK developing positive relationships internally and externally.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist Teacher/s in performing specific duties as assigned or undertaking specialised tasks;
  • Assist in providing individual and small-group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils’ intellectual abilities;
  • Maintain the positive ethos and core values of RBK, both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining standards of student behaviour;
  • Prepares instructional materials;
  • Reads to students;
  • Assist the classroom teacher in creating an environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students;
  • Help plan daily and long-term lessons and classroom activities;
  • Conduct learning exercises with small groups of students;
  • Alert the teacher to special needs of individual students;
  • Provide escort and assistance to children as necessary;
  • Check students’ work for compliance with teacher’s instructions;
  • Help maintain individual records for each student;
  • Collect and display suitable material for educational displays – prepare displays and decorate the classroom;
  • Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities;
  • Assist in implementing all policies and rules governing student life and conduct at RBK;
  • Help maintain order in the classroom by monitoring students to keep them on task;
  • Perform a variety of office assistance tasks such as photocopying, filing, answering telephone etc. as required;
  • Select and check out library materials for teacher’s use;
  • Perform any related work required;
  • Taking photographs and videos of students daily and uploading to the necessary channels
  • Takes responsibility for fostering a sense of community within RBK developing positive relationships internally and externally;
  • Participating in In-Service education and training courses as well as in continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, and taking part in action research exercises;
  • Maintaining good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and safeguarding their health and safety at all times;
  • Participating in staff, group or other meetings related to the school curriculum or pastoral care arrangements, for the better organisation and administration of the school;
  • Ensuring the safe custody and optimum use of equipment normally used by oneself during lessons;
  • Participating in all school assemblies;
  • Together with the Teacher and learning support structures at RBK, developing and implementing the IEP of students with Individual Education Needs and participating in IEP and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) meetings;
  • Ensuring that the necessary adaptations and resources are made for use with the students with individual educational needs in class;
  • Regularly discussing and monitoring the work being carried by the Teacher in class;
  • Full commitment to the School and enthusiastically involved in its activities, thus helping to promote a flourishing corporate life within the school;
  • To be aware of the School’s policies, to act in accordance with these and to help in their revision and preparation, as and when required to do so by the Head Teacher and SMT Board;
  • Prepared to teach anywhere directed by the Head Teacher given due notice, guidance and support;
  • Act as an ambassador, raising the profile of RBK; and
  • Attend out of hours events on behalf of the RB team under the discretion of the SMT Board.